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From Hot to Not: Success Stories From Orange County Homeowners Who Improved Their AC Systems

ByDaniel Roberts

Feb 17, 2023
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In this article, we’ll take a look at some inspiring stories of homeowners who have successfully upgraded their air conditioning systems. Furthermore, how upgrading their systems improved the quality of their lives, health and finances! Utilizing professional companies, not only for your home but for commercial properties aswell, can really benefit anyone in Orange County. Check them out at Ac Repair Orange County CA!

1. Increased Energy Efficiency

Due to today’s climate, air conditioning and heating are major energy consumers in our homes. Therefore, making sure your equipment works efficiently and effectively is essential for saving both energy and money.

Modern HVAC technology has revolutionized how our home systems function. Newer units use less energy and have earned ENERGY STAR ratings for their energy-saving capabilities.

Energy Star-rated HVAC systems can save you money on utility bills and reduce your carbon footprint, helping to slow climate change’s effects. They reduce energy use while decreasing its environmental impact by helping combat global warming.

When looking for a new AC system, opt for one with an impressive SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) of 13 or higher. Although these models tend to be pricier upfront, their long-term potential provides an impressive return on investment.

Reduce your utility bill by switching from traditional incandescent bulbs to compact fluorescents. You might be amazed at how much money can be saved!

Another essential step towards improving your energy efficiency is making sure your air filters are clear. Blocked filters can cause reduced air flow and higher energy consumption, so replacing them when necessary is essential for optimal performance.

Additionally, you should consider installing a programmable thermostat to control your unit’s temperature when away or asleep at night. This will lower your monthly utility bill and give you more control over your home’s comfort level.

Finally, try to avoid leaving electronics that require constant power on standby mode as this draws more electricity. This includes computers, exercise equipment, media systems and other appliances that don’t need to be running when not in use.

Research has indicated that dormant electronics can account for up to 10% of your overall residential energy use. Conducting an energy audit or other evaluation on your home to identify energy-saving opportunities is essential to make the most of these savings.

2. Reduced Utility Bills

Your home’s air conditioning system plays a vital role in keeping you cool during the summer months in Orange County. But to ensure its long-lasting efficiency, regular maintenance and tune-ups are necessary – something the experienced technicians at infinity hvac air can assist with!

One of the most effective ways to save money on your utility bill is by making energy-saving improvements. These could include things like installing a smart thermostat, whole-house fan or Energy Star-certified appliances. In many cases, these upgrades qualify for rebates and incentives from utility agencies and companies as well.

In addition to cutting your monthly power bill, these projects can also improve indoor comfort for your family. In fact, a recent study revealed that households with high-efficiency HVAC systems tend to have better indoor air quality than those without.

Another way to reduce power bills is by replacing outdated appliances with energy-saving models. For instance, replacing an inefficient dishwasher with an Energy Star-certified model can reduce water usage by 3.5 gallons per cycle.

As a general guideline, it’s wise to upgrade your appliances every 10 years or so. Doing so can save you up to 15% on your annual utility bill.

Other energy-saving tips to consider include installing a programmable thermostat, turning down your thermostat by one degree or more and turning off lights when leaving for work or school. On average households consume over 6000 kilowatt hours of electricity annually; so making small changes now could result in significant savings on your next bill.

Finally, if you have any queries about how to save on power bills, don’t hesitate to get in touch with infinityhvacair.com. Their trained HVAC technicians are more than happy to assist in helping you save money and enhance the comfort of your Orange County home.

3. Better Indoor Air Quality

Airborne pollutants, such as dust, pollen, cigarette smoke and pet dander can be drawn into your home or office through your heating/cooling system. These airborne particles have been linked to both short- and long-term health problems as well as chronic illnesses.

Particulates, or air pollution that includes micron-sized particles, are another significant issue. They can aggravate allergy and asthma symptoms as well as cause respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

Gases such as radon, carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide are hazardous and can contribute to lung disease. Indoor radon exposure in particular has been linked to higher rates of pulmonary cancer and death from heart disease and respiratory illness.

Formaldehyde: This colorless gas, found in paint and wood products, can emitted into the air and cause skin, eye, nose and throat irritation. It’s particularly problematic for those suffering from asthma or other respiratory conditions, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency.

In March, the White House unveiled the Clean Air in Buildings Challenge. They encouraged state and local governments to use their American Recovery Plan funds for indoor air improvement projects. While this is a positive step forward, much more work must be done in order to achieve healthier indoor air for all buildings across our nation.

Source control is the most economical way to achieve cleaner air in buildings. This requires building owners and contractors to switch over to materials with lower volatile organic compounds or reduce their energy usage for heating, cooling, and ventilation.

Additionally, make sure your ventilation systems keep incoming air moving and your ducts are free from blockages or other problems. Doing this will help prevent pollutants from spreading from one part of your building to another.

Maintain the indoor air quality in your Orange County home or office by regularly replacing air filters and keeping the HVAC system well-maintained. These filters trap more particles as they pass through, decreasing the amount of pollutants entering your indoor space.

4. Reduced Noise

As an Orange County homeowner, you likely understand the significance of improving your home’s indoor noise quality. That is because reduced noise air is essential for getting a good night’s sleep as well as general wellbeing.

Additionally, it can help keep your family healthy and stress-free. Furthermore, it helps keep the energy costs of your home low as well.

One of the most overlooked ways to enhance your home’s comfort and safety is with a high-efficiency duct system. This can significantly reduce energy bills if your house was built before 2004.

A well-crafted duct system tailored to your space can make a substantial difference in terms of efficiency and the amount of noise coming from your AC unit.

Another efficient HVAC trick is to place a sound blanket around your air conditioning unit’s compressor. This will insulate it and reduce noise without compromising performance or efficiency.

You might also want to consider placing some vegetation near your air conditioning unit that absorbs and blocks sound. This is a great idea if you have children or pets who might be affected by the noise.

You can achieve this effect by planting shrubs, trees or hedges that absorb sound and act as a buffer between your AC unit and property. Alternatively, wood fencing can also be put up which absorbs and dissipates sounds.

Other solutions include installing a low-noise fan and keeping your vents closed when not in use. Doing this can help you accomplish more work in smaller spaces without being distracted by distracting AC noises.

Finally, an HVAC technician in Orange county can install a special fan that makes an air-conditioning-like noise similar to what your car uses when cooling off in hot weather. This sound helps reduce HVAC noise and is much more energy-efficient than using regular fans as well.

Are you uncertain of what to do with your AC or in need of HVAC services? Don’t hesitate to call the professionals at infinityhvacair.com for all your AC and HVAC needs. Their Diamond Certified(r) technicians have earned the trust of families throughout Orange County by consistently delivering honest work and superior customer service.

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